Steel Fabrication

It is nothing but the process of building metal structures by cutting along with bending and assembling processes. No doubt it is a value added procedure that involves construction of machines along with structures from plethora of raw materials.

We are one such service provider taking care of your steel fabrication. As it comes to our services, all you will get is transparency. At the same time it would be wise to let you know that all the products we use are durable and will indeed make your possession long lasting. You do not need worry about the products; just feel free to get in touch with us.

The types of steel fabrication services we provide are as follows:
  • Steel fabricated ware houses.

  • Steel fabricated car park sheds.

  • Portable containers for offices, workshops, labs, accommodations etc.

  • Heavy duty storage racks for all needs.

  • Road blockers.

  • Security grills fences and razor wires etc.

  • Entrance gates of all types.

  • Watching towers.

  • Security guard cabins.

  • Security rooms.

  • Blast proof doors.

  • All kind of steel fabrication work carried out with certification.

  • We also design and provide steel calculations for oil field companies.

  • Over head cranes and cargo lifting machines.

  • Stainless steel railing etc.