Maintenance services

Our maintenance and repair operations are inclined towards fixation of any sort of mechanical along with plumbing or electrical device. As it is known to several that these possessions undergoes quantum wear and tear and gets prone to maximum damage. Thereby it is very much a necessity that you hire the corrective individuals to bring it back on track.

We have had the prowess of delivering optimal services to varied clients. The number of NGO’s and embassy in this part of the world has showered the accolades on us for our array of services that we provide

. Some of our esteemed services relating to maintenance are as follows:
  • Water circulation pumps

  • Heavy duty tower lights.

  • Air-conditioning repairs, service and installations.

  • Distribution panels.

  • Wood works such as doors, cabinets, kitchens, office tables, shelves, drawer units, partitions, ceilings etc.

  • Boilers.

  • All plumbing needs.